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wryer: Bon Iver, Bon Iver
annwithoutane: hey, i love that you put together the mixes from lumberjanes, i was hoping someone would do that! a quick question--did you only do the two most recent ones or did you do the others and i'm just missing them? thanks!


Hi, friend!  Please know that with this ask, you have validated my entire existence.  Thank you.

I’ve done all but the first one, because a few other people already had by the time I started.  Here’s a master list where you can find all of them:

#1 Fox Fight Jams (Youtube playlist)

#2 River Adventure Mix of dooooom (Youtube playlist)

#3 Cave Tunes (Youtube playlist)

#4 Jen’s Perfect Camp Mix (Youtube playlist)

#5 Jo’s Mix (Youtube playlist)

I put ‘em together the night before the comic comes out, and usually schedule them to post on tumblr Wednesday morning!  But they’re up on 8tracks and youtube as soon as I’m done. 

Hope that helps!  Also, I love your username/icon.  Ann(e)s unite, yo.


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